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THANK YOU to the Springfield City visitors bureau


10:00am - Art SoFo Starts
12:00 - Classical Guitar Performance | Christina Darding
1:00 - Crossover Trio
2:30 - Daniel Dye and the Miler Road Band
5:00 - Art SoFo ends


7Thirty8 apparel

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Make sure to find the on site custom t shirt printing truck


Gene Pembroke

Gene Pembroke.png

I travel as much as possible and try to capture the extraordinary nature of ordinary life.

Laura Gardner

Laura Gardner.jpg

My paintings are reflections and interpretations of places I have encountered over the last several years. My goal is to show the beauty that is evident in everyday life. I hope you enjoy these paintings as much as I have in creating them

Mellissa Clancy


Dizzy with a Dame Jewelry Co. is a one-woman company dedicated to creating beautiful things. Specializing in eccentric pieces using only Natural stone, vintage glass and pearls from the 20s and 30s, wood, and Czech Glass beads, Dizzy combines the elegance and grace of a time remembered with a modern, funky Bohemian vibe.

Carla Nicole

Carla Nicole.jpg

I am Carla Nicole, a Wisdom Coach, that has a creative gift of beading jewelry. My jewelry is made of many stones with great value. It's jewelry with glamour and purpose. Each bead is strung with love. In celebration of my gift, I created an intimate workshop called SMILE & SIP party, where I include my beaded jewelry and my Wisdom Coaching together!

Gabrielle Nappo

Gabrielle Nappo 1.jpg

I hold a BA in Art Education and a MA in Textile/Weaving.

My life with clay started upon my retirement from the corporate world in 2001. I have tried to translate my love of color and texture into my ceramic work incorporating my textile design and weaving background.

My work is both functional and decorative. I create pieces for everyday use that are functional but can also be considered a piece of art. All of the functional ware is food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe.  One of the techniques I use is working with colored porcelain clay. The clay is colored with ceramic stains and made into different patterns such as stripes, checks, herringbones or abstract designs. The patterns are either laminated onto white porcelain or used as the body to create the entire piece so that the design goes through from front to back. I also design pieces with colored clay using a marbleizing technique called mokume gana. The colored clay is mixed into white clay to produce a marbleized design and the final work is formed using both wheel and hand building techniques. The colored clay designs are the basis for my earring designs.

What intrigues me about the craft is that I am a designer, a crafts person, a business manager, a chemist and a retailer. I have fallen in love with all aspects of the process; designing, throwing, hand building, glazing, decorating and firing. Most of all I love what I do every day!

Molly Mattin


Molly is a self-taught artist living in Springfield, Ohio. She specializes in illustration and abstract impressionism. HOwever, she enjoys experimenting with different subject matters and mediums which is reflected in her art .  She hopes to bring joy with a touch of whimsy through her creations.

Karen Layman

Karen Layman.jpg

I am self taught .  I use  vintage silverware. I design jewelry, wind chimes and chandeliers.

Sierrah Lucas

Sierrah Lucas.jpeg

Sierrah has a passion for photography and travel.  She attended School of Advertising Art (now Modern College of Design) in Kettering Ohio.  She enjoys photographing nature, animals and landscapes and then printing them on metal.  The metal canvas allows for a more modern look that doesn’t require additional framing.


Uptown dreams.jpg

Artists Are One of A Kind.

Uptown Dreams City Art Studio showcases art from more than 15 artist with various skills and abilities. Art is a powerful tool that allows for self-empowerment, skill building, entrepreneurship, and healing. The artists who are showcasing their work in the ART SoFo art fair have benefitted from mentorship from local artists.


The artwork that is showcased is all one of a kind and unique. If you see an item that inspires you to seek more of the art by an artist, reach out to us and we can help you commission art from any of the featured artists.


Uptown Dreams' Studio is also located on the first floor of the Hatch Artist Studios, 105 N. Center Street, Springfield, Ohio. The building is open to the public on the First Friday of every month from 5pm to 9pm. Special arrangements can be made to visit the studio outside of designated hours.

Suzi Hyden

Suzi Hyden.jpeg

I follow the artistic path paved by botanist and photographer Anna Atkins. In 1843, Atkins was the first person to publish a book illustrated with photographs; she used the cyanotype method to document her research on seaweed. Like Atkins, I prefer to use botanicals and other objects I find in nature. 


The fields, woods, and streams are my oldest, closest companions, and Mother Nature has always been my muse. My artistic expression stems from my love of nature and celebrates the riches that grow from the Earth. Because cyanotypes are a non-silver photographic method, it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Plus, cyanotypes use the environmental elements of sunshine and water, thus creating my perfect match of medium and content. 


In addition, I show my love for nature by repurposing materials for my art. I often use vintage fabrics, papers, and metal, as the substrates and framing from my cyanotypes.  It is my goal to give new life to old goods through creative reuse.

KIKI ALlison

Kiki Allison.JPG

Hi! I’m Kiki Allison! I am a junior in high school and fell in love with art at a young age. I recently started my business to share my naturalistic style of art with others. Specializing in watercolor and still life, I offer varieties of different pieces. My favorite being the one shown. It is an acrylic art piece with tons of texture!



My art is rooted in agriculture, all of my metal is recycled farm scrap and all one of a kind original pieces. I am driven by movement and space to create each piece.


Robert McKinzey.jpg

My wife, Monica, and I, Robert, bridge God’s Word, His creation with images by me, Robert McKinzey, of LightHouse KinShip, LLC. All photos are 4X6 unmounted with a greeting card frame, envelope, the location of the photo and a Scripture reference of the photo. Photos are of waterfalls, mountains, wildlife, lighthouses, covered bridges, etc.  All sales are cash only. 



I have been sewing for over 15 years, but everything changed for me when I discovered the cork fabric. Not only am I able to create fun projects but I’m able to keep to sustainability that is super important to me. Cork is durable like leather but is considered Vegan and they don’t have to cut down the tree, they can harvest the cork and the tree will continue to grow and produce. Same with my candles, I wanted to be able to make something that would be reusable. The “jars” are made from cement. So once your candle has burned all the way down, you can wash out the “jar” and reuse it for a planter, or a pencil cup for your desk. The options are limitless.

Linda cabaluna

Linda Cabaluna.jpeg

Linda Cabaluna lives in Springfield Ohio. She is a creative arts teacher, a graphic designer and art explorer! Working in multiple mediums and venues is the spice of life! Color was a staple which has evolved to include; water-based oils (super cool), and caustic (wax), collage, and acrylic. The medium used speaks to the message being sent, from the homeless people illustrations.


Dizzy Bee.JPG

Dizzy Bee Crafts was co-founded by Rachel McLaughlin and Nicole Newman. Rachel draws

inspiration from her training as an entomologist and ecologist to create stained glass pieces of

the natural world. Nicole focuses on creating unique string art and wreath designs. She also

specializes in macramé, an art style taught to her by her mother.



A visual storyteller, is dedicated to providing quality photo to capture the magic of the moment. With the ability to bring to life emotion with her photographs, the road of her artistic career began with her passion for serving local non profits in Springfield, OH. She loves helping people and hiking too. The collection of photos at this year's south fountain art fair are from her adventures in the Smokey Mountains and travels to Dallas, Texas. 



A Guatemalan native, currently lives in New Carlisle with his wife and five children. He has been welding for 20 years and uses his creative talents to weld candle holders in his free time, using mostly recycled and reclaimed materials



For as long as I can remember, I have been creative or doing some sort of art. My grandpa was an amazing artist. I remember watching him as a little girl and just being completely amazed at how he could create such beautiful paintings. I had some amazing art teachers who consistently pushed me to be creative and ultimately I ended up pursuing a degree at Columbus College of Art and Design. I remember my favorite classes were my painting or figure drawing classes. I used to focus on doing portraits of people and some abstract work. When I left college, I stopped doing art for a couple of years. I was not inspired, I was drained of my creativity for a long time. When I met my husband seven years ago, he inspired me to start painting again, he was my muse and still is to this day. Since that time I have painted over 400 paintings including the little dudes. My Husband is a woodworker, he creates beautiful  jewelry and cutting boards. He also helps me when I get a wild idea and I need him to build or cut some crazy design out of wood. Seven years ago I also found my ability to do portraits of dogs and that has been my recent focus. Usually, when I get commissioned to do a dog portrait, it's because their beloved dog has either passed or would soon be passing. It's a great way to honor your loved one and I put so much love into each and everyone one of them!

Sarah horton

image0 (2).jpeg

Dancing the line between strange and sophisticated, Wishbone specializes in preserving natural artifacts such as ferns, flowers, bones and insects. These artifacts are then encased in resin, to enjoy as jewelry and art. Each piece is sealed and protected at multiple stages of the preservation process, so that colors last and specimens remain intact.

margarette hyden

Multi Designs.jpg

   I started growing gourds and painting them five years ago. After a year I bought a carver and started learning (self taught) how to carve. I have added wood burning  this past year. I started this at the age of 70, I feel more creative by doing this than I ever have.It gives me great joy. I am thankful for the talent that God has given me. Here is a gourd that I recently completed, it was drawn free hand in pencil, then painted over the design. 

Carol thombs


My felting is a synergistic process in which beautiful, silk

and natural fibers become more beautiful as they are

intertwined to become one fabric. The major materials

used in my artistic creations are silk gauze, silk crepe,

Habotai silk , merino wool and alpaca. By using a barbed

needle to force fibers through the silk and/or using warm

water and soap to allow the fibers to slide over each other

and agitation to cause them to become entangled, the

attachment becomes permanent. Embellishments, such

as wooly locks, bling, and special types of silk are added

to create interest and artistic designs . The basic silks,

both white or hand dyed are used to create scarves and

garments with naturally colored fibers and dyed fiber. The

goal is to enhance the beauty of the wonderful fibers.

My love of nature has led me explore with ecoprinting. The

leaves I collect are placed on silk or wool and them treated

with vinegar and/or iron sulfate before steaming the item

for 2 hours in a pot of boiling water. The resulting prints

are stunning.

Nathaniel gingrich


 I let the philosophy of bob ross shine through as the brushes and paper speak for themselves. what is inside comes onto the page and a sense of life emerges

stephanie alvarez

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-11 at 7.19.07 PM (2).jpeg

Use acrylic paint make it fluid, when I get the perfect consistency I pour it on my canvas and use a blower to create amazing shapes

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